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January 14, 2006

Again, the Shouts...

Another lazy swim in the pond of goodness that is the notes from folks who write to us daily...

Kathryn chooses to dive into traditional themes.

You guys aren't just a lump of salty goodness, you're a lump of salty goodness with PIE!!! And onion sprinkles. Yes.- Kathryn

Lana returns, we need to set limits, but until then...

 - -i thought i my friends sista had issues..........then i came to dis site......thinkin i would find a bunch of evil things and stuff........ but i just found a bunch of insane people.......im surprised u dont all talk about coming form the planet flafluga......but i still think this place is cool...........now i have no idea what im talkin bout - Lana Kay

Kelley Cusick assumes that if she sucks up to us we'll post her message.  Not gonna work KC.

You guys are quite possibly more intelligent than the combined IQ's of anyone I see on a daily basis. I love you.-Kelley Cusick

Sami has a little trouble with composition, but that apparently doesn't keep him/her from sharing - a little too much.

you guys or whoever the hell you r , you r a genious or something like that right? well what do you think about the after death shit and the every body has a time crap?? and i will go back to playing with myself thank you. bye - sami melendez

And that's it for today.


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