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January 13, 2006

More from the Shouts...

Continuing our dip into that deep well of ideas and expositions from the folks who write to us daily...

A fairly innocuous suck up from Snake Plissken (likely not his/her real name.)

Evil.com, not what I expected, but then I never expect much out of anything. Anyways, I like the site, pretty cool that you have it up, and was a good laugh to read. Later - Snake Plissken

Another platitude from Sara, who no doubt wanted to see her name in print.  Here you go.

Nice site. You deserve a high five. -Sara

A confused and somewhat anonymous post.

 - Select this text - this site doesnt seem evil.....its so confusing....and i understand....but i dont understand sites that make not sense whatsoever......i thought i had issues......then i came to this site- someone here- Press Submit -

Finally, a recurring theme that even we don't understand, from Lana Kay.

 - - what the hell is wit all da chicken porn?- Lana Kay- Press Submit -

Thanks all.  More tomorrow.


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