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January 10, 2006


We'll go out on a limb this year.  We predict that Steve Jobs will wear beat up jeans at the MacWorld keynote this morning. Not enough? Black t-shirt. We also expect him to bust out the reading glasses when he sits down at the keyboard at one point.  He'll sport a semi-shaved face and a whole heaping lot of pretension and exaggeration.  There will be some statistical weaving of unrelated facts, misrepresentation of his competitor's products, a special "yawn" entertainment guest brought out as a Big SurpriseTM surprise at the end, and yes, he'll even demo some new Apple products.

  They're probably going to fix that iPod shuffle.  Can you believe that thing got released before someone looked at it and said "Whoa! We forgot to put a screen on that bugger!"  

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