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January 7, 2006

Bush Swearing the Truth with Fingers Crossed

Yes, he's signed a bill outlawing torture in the US.  You'd think that would be clear enough. We're on the side of the angels again.

Not quite.

In the legal equivalent of crossing his fingers behind his back while signing, the signature was prefaced by a now-common instrument of the Bush administration: A Signing Statement.

Basically a signing statement is an attachment to the bill that includes some gotchas: conditions under which the signature is not binding.  In this case, as in many recent other cases, it asserts his right, as commander in chief, to bypass the law. In other words - Heh, my signature ain't binding. Gotta do it. War president ya know.  If ya ain't with me yer on the side of the terrorists.

Funny thing here is that the country might support him if he had the balls to say "hey, when it's a confirmed terrorist and we need information we'll get it if we have to use any means necessary."  Define it: terror, information, torture.  But by leaving a lie in place, torture could be used... for anything.  It's even scarier because we know his administration has abused the whole spying on Americans without warrant bit - right Greenpeace, PETA and those notorious Quaker terrorists?

One more example of the state of the union.  We're being lead by a punk kid who lies with his fingers crossed. 


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