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December 31, 2005

More reasons to say Fuck You Sony!

You may have read that Sony came up with a proposed settlement of their class action suits. If you've been living in a shed in Alabama, here's what's up: Sony was secretly putting spyware on your computer if you played one of their CDs. Yeah, their insane drive against music copying raised it's ugly head again. Turns out that Sony could not only spy on what you were doing (they say they didn't use that) but they enabled real virus writers to more easily hack your system. All in the name of Sony's obscene profits on music.

Now at first glance the proposed settlement seems pretty good, replacement CDs and $7 worth of music downloads (maybe from Apple, that's not clear, you sure as fuck don't want the download from Sony.)  It's still pending court approval, but wait, we're pretty sure you're still going to get fucked over.

What pisses us off still is that Sony has hidden all info on their web site such that no average web user is ever going to find out how to take advantage of this settlement.  Go ahead, try it yourself.  Go to Sony.Com and use their search engines for "rootkit" or "settlement" or "you guys suck ass."  Nothing comes up! 

Of course, we're all about customer service ourselves.  Here's the "Motion and Memorandum of Law in Support of Plaintiffs' Application for Preliminary Approval of Class Action Settlement" - sorry it's in PDF format (we'll gripe on that another day).

This settlement will fail to recompense the injured, and it hurts Sony not one bit. Will they learn their lesson?  Of course not.  How long until their paranoid obsession with copy protection at your expense comes back to roost?

Want to get more pissed?  Read their pretentious and misleading FAQ. These jerks have the nerve to point at Apple and say that Mac users are screwed because of Apple's practices, not Sony's - except that Sony is the only music producer who is screwing with Mac user's rights to privately reuse digital media.

So we continue to say - hurt the fuckers in their pocketbooks.  Buy NOTHING from Sony, BMG music, or any Sony affiliate. Everquest players, let me introduce you to All American Made World of Warcraft. PSP nerd? Have you met my friend the Nintendo DS?  No Fun with Dick and Jane.  We're not planning on wasting our money on Underworld: Evolution (did they really think that piece of crap needed a sequel? Anything in the UMD format?  Are you kidding? And let's all work together to make sure the PS3 goes down in flames.

These assholes need to learn, touch our computers and we stop buying your crap.

  Oh yeah, it's the 31st.  Last day of the year. Party night.  Don't drink and drive (just drink and keep your ass set down somewhere.) Use a condom, even if you aren't lucky enough to need it.  And remember, when you need a little bile with your champagne, we're here for you. And have a happy new year!  

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