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December 30, 2005

Gay Cowboys...

Now we're nowhere close to gay ourselves, cheery yes, occasionally mad rolling on the floor amused of course, but not gay in the "let me introduce my life partner" way. 

And we're probably never going to waste two hours of our time watching a tear-jerk movie about gay sheepherding cowboys (which is a joke waiting for a punch line to be sure.)

However, we have to say Hell Yes! when it comes to telling Hollywood to make sure the Gay Cowboy movies just keep on coming. More gay cowboys - it's good for America!

Its got to be embarrassing for the average redneck. Maybe enough for them to learn to dress normally, learn to speak proper English, and perhaps go back to school for that GED?  OK, maybe not, but there's a chance.

We have a dream, and it starts with gay cowboys.

  Not that there's anything wrong with that... except that whole pitcher/catcher thing - we don't need to see that kind of ball game.  

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