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December 25, 2005

XMas Afternoon...

Nothing says Twilight Zone at Home like the afternoon on Christmas. Feels like we should be making use of all that newly unwrapped swag, but instead we end up drinking all that old liquor. It's a bit of a blur, we're happily watching the weirdest stuff on TV. Wait a second, that's the fish tank.

Raul is in the kitchen, hopefully getting the Turducken going - it would be nice to eat before 9PM this year. The dogs are fighting over one of last year's slippers (were their legs always that short?) Expect we'll go out for a drive soon, its about the only time of year the traffic is light enough to make it a pleasure to open up and go. Remember kids, always designate a driver.  He's the one who'll get the ticket.

One last thing: Happy Hanukkah!


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