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December 21, 2005

Sometimes the smart people win...

Sometimes you have to take the bad to appreciate the good.  Case in point: Intelligent design, or as it's proponents pronounce it intellibendt debign.

Back in November, we went so far as to try to explain Kansas and the neighboring states to the rest of the world. We let Europe and Asia in on the secret as to how those states basically ride the small bus in this great nation of ours.

Well, this week a federal judge made a precedence setting decision to basically call the school board of Dover PA "ill informed" and "breathtakingly inane" in their poor attempts to lie and conceal their real motive in establishing a science curriculum that included intelligent design perspectives. Yes folks, the herd people lose, the thinking people win.

The judge went so far as to, at length and with dozens of pages of definitions entered into evidence, reveal that ID was nothing more than a "rebranding" of creationism, not at all a science.

Yes kids, it's a Christmas miracle. We may just evolve after all.


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