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December 20, 2005


Short post today. Traveling day. Attending the Pre Broadway run of Anne Rice's Lestat that started in San Francisco this week.  We've got tickets for tonight. Some weak initial reviews since the opening on Saturday, but here's hoping things are entertaining and innovative.

For fans only: This reminds us of something we've been meaning to sneak into a post.  The otherwise fine movie version of Rent had a line change that really stank the production up with that vile politically correct Hollywood smell.  The scene where Mark comes to the rescue to fix Maureen's equipment.  Joanne first tells him to take off, she's hired an engineer. In the musical he turns and walks off to be stopped by Joanne's line "wait... she's three hours late."  Hollywood changed the line: "wait... he's three hours late."  Jonathan Larson's original line was meant to point out a failing in our lesbian friend Joanne; that she hired based on sex instead of quality/reliability.  Hollywood no doubt thought the line would be offensive to lesbians/women/stupid people, so they decided to go the safety route and bash men who have no pc power. Some day we men are going to rise up against this oppression.


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