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December 19, 2005

Bush 2.1.1

Looking apologetic without sounding apologetic, every time the guy looked like he was about to get around to just saying "hey, I fucked up.  I'm not a smart man. Sure I lied, but I had to because if I hadn't you wouldn't have supported this war!" he retraced his steps and hopped back up on the "if you're not with us, you're with the terrorists" rant.

The guy is obviously hurting, the public opinion could be lower, but we think they're have to be videos involving sodomy involved. His real problem is he's got no new tricks. It's total bait and switch, this time with the idea that "hey kids, we're almost there.  Hold it until we get there, don't wet your pants and blame me." Yeah, we're close to winning in Iraq.  Winning against the terrorists.  And week after that... Victory in Vietnam!

Check your pocket books. How do you personally feel about half a TRILLION dollars to secure oil interests for the same assholes who jacked your wallet to the tune of $3 a gallon over the summer? You're funding their product production efforts, and you don't get squat return as an investor.

Why do you think Halliburton's meat puppet visited Bagdad yesterday?


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