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December 18, 2005

Gates & Bono

Sincere congrats to two ends of the style spectrum for making Time Magazine's Persons of the year.  Bill and Melinda Gates joined by Bono in the shared glory of their combined charitable activities.  Kudos, doing so much more than our government in really making the world a better place.

But we have to reflect on the sartorial aspects of this trio cuz, well, PotY aside, they are an odd group.  Melinda, out first, seems to take here style tips from Bill. Bill on the other hand, more money than God, but no time for even a single issue of GQ or a trip to QE4tSG.

And Bono. Yes, you've made your glasses famous. Now's the time to drop them.  Haven't you noticed that every blonde, collagen-lipped trophy-slut is wearing the same eyewear? Dude you're sending entirely the wrong message. The cool has faded, time to move on to something new.

As to the whole shaming our world governments into acting... well less shameful - you guys rock.  And Sir Bill will no doubt go down in history for eradicating Global health issues, living much larger than Steve, Larry, and Scott.

  As to that "Persons of the Year" thing, instead of Person?  Get over it.  TIME is always fucking with that award. They gave it to the Personal Computer a back in 1982, and Planet Earth got it soon after.  Wonder where Gaia stores the trophy?  

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