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December 12, 2005

Withdrawing our endorsement...

Bye Bye Konfabulator... it was nice while it lasted.  But Yahoo has put it's stink on you and you no longer part of our desktop.

Those following along will recall us singing the praises of Arlo Rose's Konfabulator - a set of desktop widgets with the original spirit of Apple's Desk Accessory applications from back in the day.  Cool, useful, geeky stuff.

Well, corporate stink fell all over that app when Yahoo bought the product.  We had a bad feeling about it, but nothing seemed wrong so although we had bought the original we upgraded to the "free" version.

Yesterday brought an update... which:

- Renamed it to "Yahoo Widgets"

- Bundled it with a bunch of Yahoo branded spyware and home page redirects.

- Stank up the place with Yahoo prefix on things like Calendar and Weather

Luckily the renaming saved us the effort of pulling it from our startup folder.  And Windows System Restore put us right back in the comfort of a machine free of amateurish attempts to collect our personal browsing data.


  OK, in the hidden link above for the Konfabulator history cartoon, funny how when you click on "The End" it goes to the Yahoo Widgets page...  

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