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December 10, 2005

Celebration of death...

In retrospect, there's just something wrong about marking the anniversary of a death.  Case in point: John Lennon.  All this continued fervor about the life cut short, the potential wasted, the crazed fans and the system that creates them.  None of this really appreciates the genius that he was in life, and the legacy he was able to leave. 

Seriously, the guy could have left at any time during the Beatles heyday in some drug-related death, and then we wouldn't have this romanticized loss, this tragedy - because it would have ended stupidly instead of tragically.  Elvis fans don't discuss with passion his drug induced death-on-the-john.  No, they're much more about the life because that death is so fucking embarrassing.

Same thing with Lennon. All this stupid candle lighting, memorial creating, crying and moaning about a guy 25 years gone.  Fuck. If you want to remember Lennon, put on a CD and listen to the guy. We're pretty sure that's how he would have preferred it.

  And if you want to celebrate a real tragedy, why not focus on his wedding anniversary?  

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