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December 8, 2005

Oops there goes gravity

We do rejoice when evolution does kick past all the soft corners and bumper walls society has put into place to vex it.

Senseless loss of human life isn't in and of itself something to take enjoyment from, the now-overused word schadenfreude does come to mind, however when the events themselves line up like tight poetry - well, you can take what you want from the general équilibre here.

Case in point: Rapper Steven Zorn kills self with pen-shaped gun.

- Weapon: A tiny silver pistol, shaped like a pen.  Fires a single shot.

- Occasion: Apparently thinking the gun was jammed, Zorn points the gun to his head and clicks again.

- Result: Dead on arrival at hospital.

- Follow-up: Mother on rampage to make small-caliber single shot weapons illegal.

So from this, two reactions...

Poetry - an attempt at eloquent closure.

rappers play with guns
targets not to hard to hit
even with eyes closed

Christmas presents for every rapper we can find.


  Remember Moms: Guns don't kill people, especially small caliber stuff, unless you brought your son up too stupid to know not to point a loaded weapon at your own head.  

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