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December 7, 2005

How does Japan celebrate December 7th?

We have to wonder if they mention the anniversary of their utterly stupid attack on Pearl Harbor on the nightly news wrap up on Tokyo TV. "Hey Miyoko, remember that today is the anniversary of Tora Tora Tora! Wow, what a crazy bunch of folks our parents were, eh?"

Sure, that whole sneaking up and bombing us and then announcing war bit was right up there with the whole samurai meiyo thing they're always yapping about. But if there's one thing you can count on with respect to the Japanese, it's that repression and revisionist history are built into the culture as firmly as karaoke and the tea ceremony.

But in the end, a stupid act.  They were counting on the help of a mad German to hamstring the rest of the world, make us fight on two fronts, and in the end, well it ended with a bang.

Of course we helped build up their economy after the war, allowed them to corner the markets on electronics, standardized child pornography, and of course binding kids toys to animated television shows. Today there isn't a country out there with a more interesting set of national psychoses Not one!

So it's doubtful that much is being said about Hawaii on the news in Japan today.  Maybe just a little ju yoku go o seisu.

  Of course what's more bizarre is how the US turns the anniversary of our getting caught with our pants down into some kind of patriotic event.  Sure it's the start of a big "good" war, but it would make much more sense if we were to celebrate Market Garden or the assault on Berlin with such vigor.  Of course we've got our own US brand of psychosis... it's only right that we remain competitive.  

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