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December 1, 2005


Although we expect that, mostly ruined by Charlize Theron's timidity and refusal to accept that clothes in this case do make the anti-heroine, the Aeon Flux movie will crash and burn - we do have reason to rejoice.

The collected Peter Chung masterpiece Aeon Flux: The Complete Animated Collection is finally out complete on DVD.

After you've trashed the movie yourself, go watch the original animated series and truly lament the wasted potential of a real Aeon Flux movie...

  Trevor Goodchild    The dream to awaken our world...
  Ĉon Flux    You're out of control!
  Trevor Goodchild    I take control. Whose side are you on?
  Ĉon Flux    I take no side...
  Trevor Goodchild    You're skating the edge!
  Ĉon Flux    I am the edge!
  Trevor Goodchild    What you truly want, only I can give.
  Ĉon Flux    You can't give it, you can't even buy it, and you just don't get it!
      * * *
      [Trevor has Aeon pinned to the ground.]
  Trevor Goodchild    You shot Rubio, and not me. Now, why is that?
  Ĉon Flux   Trevor, don't trouble me with your thin smile.
       [she flips them so that she is on top]
  Trevor Goodchild    Stop! There's a pain... in my back!
  Ĉon Flux    Can you describe it, in words?
  Trevor Goodchild    What?
  Ĉon Flux    I want you to tell me about the pain.
  Trevor Goodchild    Sharp... stabbing... piercing...
  Ĉon Flux    You're telling me nothing.
  Trevor Goodchild    It feels... ugh!.. .like a nail, twisting into my spine.
  Ĉon Flux    Yes. But there is no nail.
  Trevor Goodchild    No.
  Ĉon Flux    So there is no pain.
      [they kiss]

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