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November 30, 2005

Oh Boy, George is gonna speak!

Again, we're going to hear W talk about the state of the union, that would be the Iraqi union, and how we're unifying them in really really hating our inability to plan anything past a count down to an explosion.

In a preview discussion with the press yesterday, W said "we've got a strategy for victory!" That would be victory this time, a change in strategy, in deference to his prior pissing off the world strategy, the vigorous spending our children's future in amassed debt strategy (that's war expenditures of 6 Billion a Month boys and girls), and the popular decline in presidential popularity strategy.

He's even got a self-described "catchphrase" to wit: An exit strategy, we should be focused on our strategy for victory.

Of course we make fun.  But there's no one better at making W look foolish than W himself.  In his own words:

  "Our problem is that any time something needs to be done, we have a feeling we should rush in and fill the vacuum and do it ourselves. You know what happens when you do that? First of all, you can't do it, because it's not our country. It's their country.

And the second thing that happens is they don't develop the skills and the ability and the equipment and the orientation and the habit patterns of doing it for themselves. They have to do it for themselves."

The first half of that... well, thanks for the deep social engineering insights W.  You get that out of the coloring book?

The second just sounds like he's trying to potty train Iraq.


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