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November 22ish, 2005

Last Mini Backfill of Shouts

If someone gave me three wishes I'd take three years to think about one wish and three hours to say it. Interesting. - Gilly

  We just gave you three wishes.  See you in three years.

Shouts aren't named properly. I mean, no one likes it when people really do SHOUT. Annoying hairy gits. And my God, it looks very scary when Alan Rickman laughs when he's dressed as Snape. *dies* - Dead Evl.Com Fan (potterpuppetpals.com!!OMG!!11one!!1eleven!!1)

  We kind of like Shouts.  It's wrong of course, but that's fine.

On Ithaca, Odysseus demonstrates numerous times that he has improved his character by learning from the lessons he was given in his Wanderings. He shows the reader that he has learned humility many times, but most explicitly in book XX. Here Odysseus hears his sluttish servants leaving after having sex with the suitors, yet decides to swallow his pride. Take it to heart. -Senor Tresgatos

  We're still looking for good sluttish servants.  That is what you meant, right?

hi. want to come to a pants party? -farah khan


So whats the point of this site? - Cody

  Truth, lies, and all the neat and tasty stuff inbetween.

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