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November 21ish, 2005

More Shout Backfilling


I just read your post dedicated to Europe and Asia. You're going to need to send one up to Canada, as well. We're getting a little worried, in our boring, ineffectual way. Ash Karreau

  We pissed Canada off a long time ago. Not sure anyone was reading any more. 

I have a friend that goes to Kansas State and I emailed you're article to him. Thats what he gets for going to the greater stupidity instead of staying right here in good ole idiotic Texas!

  Heh. Where to begin...

soo odd

  so true

If i was god then i wouldnt be here right now!

  Nope, he's not so big on the web browsing.

What if god was one of us.....just an idiot like one of us......takes life for granted like one of us....tryin to find our way, to the strip club.

  Two lefts and a right.  Head into the light.

I love this site and check it daily. you guys rock! Carrie Kimbrough

  Hopefully this makes it all worth while.

- Select this text - Type something - Add your name - Press Submit - Uhh...Doing that stuff listed to the left is against my religion. I think you have just offended millions of Neoearlylatefacevampireists worldwide. -The Earliest Lateface

  Weird religion.  Mormon?

Where is the ice cream?

  Over to the right a bit more... more... uh, damn, you stepped in it.

fuck leap years - Mr. Stamm

  If you only get it every four years, then we can understand why you might be a little testy.

I think you are a legend in your own mind. TJ Herrin

  Probably, but that's the only opinion that counts.

ypur site is awesome if it was a girl shed be the biggest hoe in the world. john lennons a fag! ozzy is the hing of rock and the prince of darkness. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

  She would indeed.  And we're sure Mr. "Lennons" would laugh at you.

if your site was a girl id go out with her because she would be...................................awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey doyo guys have a mailing list i could join? Damon

  Is it because she's a slut?

I dont like pie! TJ Herrin

  But you do like posting.

You make me think & laugh at the same time, thanks. Mary Johnson

  Did it make milk come out your ears then?

I was sitting out side of class the other day waiting for it to start and I heard weird noises coming from inside. When they stoped a student from the hour before came out fixing her shirt. Now I'm wondering what they were doing... can any one tell me? - the retard kid from down the road

  Um.  Trying on clothing?  Either that or sex.

i hate fish can you kill all fish gone in world forever???????? Casey Arnett

  We can't kill them gone. 

I have a song for you! "Fun" F is for fire that burns down the whole town, U is for uranuim bomb, and N is for no survivors!!! TJ Herrin

  TJ, we're guessing that's your formal name and not initials.  That and you're wearing a t-shirt with a stain that just won't come out.


  Dark spelled with an E is kind of retard goth.

"Genuinely clever"? Woah, wait a second, lemme read that again. No, still the same. Wow. Clever comments indeed. >.> Erm... Do not mind me. I'm just commenting to see if you'll comment back. (I wish.) <.< What's the longest comment you've ever gotten, anyways? And nice colors for the site. But I have to ask: Is it supposed to represent a dead, bloody person covered in pee or a dead bee covered in blood? Please get back to me, I'm dying to know. (not literally, I hope) Do you believe yourselves to be sadist pigs? Please don't. The site rocks, and is waaay better than a lot of attempts at being evil. I mean, if you're evil you only have to be yourself, right? (PS: My birthday is tomorrow. *dances*) - B-Day Girl


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