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November 20ish, 2005

Backfilling with Shouts

Man, I just realized something. Some day, you guys are going to die. Then I'm going to have to go back to watching Oprah for my social commentary.

  Dude, Opra will die WAY before us.  With that yo-yo'ing weight and the freaky diets, her cardio system has all the resiliency of a balloon animal.

Ushunawareta Tsubasa wo Sagashite!! Amarys Hime


Hey Wonderfully Evil People (Evilly Wonderful?)...you are the highlight of my week. sad day. - -; Ori

  This makes us sad.  You need a hobby, boyfriend/girlfriend/mistress, or a selection of doctor prescribed medications.  But we'll accept the complement.

Consider this asking nicely -Tom, of Woofbob

  Sorry Tom, we spoke too soon.  The videos came out crap.  We may post them, but it's like watching a slideshow with music.  Very stuttery.

Oscar Valdez: you care too much on what people says......we are all just hairless monkyes, just pretending....


evil army-green skull-- anjar lesmana ,perum sambong permai jln gambang mangkubumi tasikmalaya

  Funny thing.  Take that string of nonsense and give it to google.  It suggests a different spelling for jln. Huh.  Guess those G guys are still smarter than the rest of us...

Je vous adore. Vous me faites le rire. My French is terrible. Keep on rockin'. -Nata-Nat-Nat.

  French is is terrible to begin with.  Except for that whole "Ca va? Ca va." thing. We dig that.

I'm so stressed out. I just want to take over the nearest nuclear missile silo and blast Zimbabwa to Kingdom Come. Or perhaps slice the head off my geometry teacher. that would be fun. yes that would be fun . does anyone know where they sell used axes? i'vve got some grindingg to do . Dr.Demento
  Except for the whole Geometry Teacher bit we thought that George W had finally written to us...

The Idiots are breeding and society is letting them, its no longer survival of the fittest, it is survival of all, and because of these idiots are evolution is going dtraight down the hole. Why oh why can't it be legal to kill all those who fail to pass an IQ test at a certain level. Or at least those who don't and will not be able to provide a useful way of helping the rest of the community. That Guy

  Let's be clear.  We're not in favor of killing the stupid.  We're in favor of letting them die out on their own.  Not coddling them. Not awarding them money in court.  And sterilization makes a tremendous amount of sense here as well...

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