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November 19, 2005

Road Trip - The Great Luke Ski

Last night we stopped in for dinner and a show. Dinner, don't ask. Some places just don't understand when you want to swap out their greasy fries for something a little less likely to shave days off your life expectancy.

But the show was cool.

Filking is an odd thing.  In the hands of amateurs (where admittedly it mostly dwells) it is a deadly thing.  In the hands of a professional, well it can be brilliant.

Enter The Great Luke Ski.

We watched an hour of TGLS and walked away with three of his albums and a DVD.  Cool stuff.  He appeals to both the Fanboy and Evil-Little-Sister-of-Fanboy types out there. We'll admit to some F-Boy leanings ourselves (duh, read the posts!)  Luke gets down with both some ironically ripping tunes and lyrics that put Weird Al to shame. Al wouldn't dare try to machine gun out the rapid patter rock/rap that Luke does, and let's face it, Al has lost his edge.

Luke is on the edge.

Highly Recommended.


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