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November 18, 2005

From the road...

Eight hours on the road.  The last two to cover about 60 miles in LA traffic.

One stop to eat and excrete.

Feeling a bit like Ozzy Osborne climbing out of the car - all flexibility is gone, trouble hearing, slurring our words like old pirates, looking for something to imbibe to make the hurting go away.

Oh Gin!  We sing your praises. Hail to you fruit of the juniper berry! We add tonic water to help prepare our immune system for the coming malaria pandemic. We're all about the health foods.

Now we're checked into casa de Hilton. Someone mentions Paris and spoils the buzz.

We're up all night discussing and diagramming the next phase of this little road fiasco.  The Friday paper arrives...

Someone breaks out the cards and all of a sudden we're playing Chinese style lowball for (mostly) unopened packages of stolen restaurant thin mints.

Culture, it's all over the road.


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