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November 14, 2005

50 Cent Beat... by Chicken.   

We had to laugh at the morning's news that ol' 2 bits got beat at the box by Chicken Little this weekend.  Get Rich or Die Tryin' brought in a somewhat lame 12.5 million, once again proving that gangstas and wannabes are more likely to sneak into a movie than pay for it. 

Chicken Little, itself probably one of the lamer ideas for a movie in years, still brought in close to three times as much; 32.5 million. This is hilarious especially if you consider that GRoDT opened on Wednesday of last week, and adding in those two additional days only cranked a total of 18.5 million over five days.

Predictions: GRoDT not listed on the chart next week. Out to video by Xmas.  #1 shoplifted DVD for the holiday season...




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