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November 9, 2005

Sir Paul

We saw the best Beatles cover band in the world last night.

Found ourselves in downtown San Jose, CA last night.  Thanks to the notorious Mr. C we walked in the back door with two all-access crew passes to the last night of McCartney's US tour.  Yeah, we'll have to find something suitably nice for Mr. C by way of thanks.

Sir Paul did not disappoint. Ask nice and we'll post the camera phone vids. Now we've got to go look for the new album. (What else will we be buying today you ask? The shopping list includes the 2000 Broadway Revival cast of RHS, Lewis Black, Roxy Music's Country Life, Eno, and DCFC.)

Anyway, thanks again Mr. C.

  And by the way Mr. Schwarzenegger, that was No, No, No, No, No, No No and No.  Thanks for blowing 50 million dollars of state and local money on your special election.   Time for you to get on the special bus and ride the special road back to Hollywood.  

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