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November 1, 2005

What a surprise

W's next up nominee is an old, jowly, balding, rich, anti-choice, pasty white, conservative ideologue.  Samuel A. Alito Jr.

Junior? Now where have we heard that before...

Instead of clearing the supreme colon with balance fiber, Bush has heaped a heaping helping of greasy Scalia-flavored bacon onto the judicial plate. A virtual love letter to the conservative right, apparently the last of the non-thinkers following junior, Bush has laid the sacrificial lamb of social evolution on the altar of religious extremism and has outted the fusing of church and state.  Yeah, this guy is even scaring moderate republicans:

Sen. Lincoln Chafee, a republican from Rhode Island, made statements about his concerns that Alito's decisions that a married woman couldn't qualify for an abortion without her husband's permission.  He elaborated: "During the past 15 years, Judge Alito has taken many positions that appear to place him at odds with the protection of key fundamental rights." 

Duh!  Wow, welcome back to the herd ladies.  Don't piss off your lord and master.  Next up: Do those same fragile flowers really need the right to vote?  Can't they just trust their hubbies?


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