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October 21, 2005

The "Goth" Label

With the recent arrest of Scott Dyleski, accused of the murder of Pamela Vitale in California, the media has once again gone straight to the label drawer.

Dyleski has been labeled "Goth" by bottle-blonde talking heads across the nation, because it's a convenient label that lets them do "interesting" little side pieces about how "misfits" in society might be trouble in the future.  Never actually coming to a recommendation or warning, these microphone fellators simply stir up more unreasonable concern and ill will to keep you watching through the next set of commercials.

Now Dylesk may or may not have been a Goth, but in either case its a huge mistake to label him as a member of this subculture by way of explanation for acts or motive.  It simply points out how ignorant and retarded the media, and the sheep they service, are.  How willing they are to abandon thoughtful examination if they can simply read a label.

Sorry, nothing funny about this.

  And no, we're not Goths ourselves.  We only wish we had the time and energy to commit to so much style and romanticism...  

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