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October 19, 2005

Google's WiFi Plan

Sure that whole free WiFi everywhere sounded good at first, but then we got an explanation as to what their business model was, and we're not fans.

Users accessing the G-uNet would pump down ads targeted for the area local to that signal.  So you're driving by the Pink Pussycat?  Sure, great ads, but it stops there. Hanging down by the local Baptist church?  Ouch, some ad just put spyware on our laptop to check and make sure our thoughts were pure.  Outside of Oracle? Your bandwidth gets eaten up by a stream of pure gibberish. 

And how long is it before HomeLan Security requests the records of your browsing and locations? Or worse, Google's little partner Sun.

Frankly, we're happy managing our own wireless access thanks very much.

  Of course this is all nonsense.  Google is a perfect company with no intention of making money off your information. They don't think they're smarter than you, all that elitist propaganda is just lies, they're jes folks.   The government works for you not against you. And Oracle and Sun are fine manufacturers of quality software. Your parents have no favorites, the employee review system at your work does not reward toadies and suck-ups, and your waiter never "creatively altered" your food because you were rude to him. And it really was her fault you had to break up, not yours.  Don't be paranoid silly, everything is fine and perfect.   

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