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October 14, 2005

James, James Bond

We love our Martini's swished, neither shaken or stirred. (Traditional preparations "bruise" the gin dontchaknow.)  But we don't slight traditionalists with knee jerk reactions. We're traditionalists ourselves, when it doesn't get in the way of real improvements. And we like our spy movies to at least look the part.  Undercutting that expectation, the "shaken" British secret service agent, subject of the many Ian Fleming novel-based films, got a new actor yesterday.

And he's blonde.

And he's got a big nose.

Sorry, this Daniel Craig guy makes us think "henchman for super villain" more than suave deadly spy. If they're gonna go this far, why don't they cut to the chase and just give the role to Keanu Reeves.  Hollywood makeovers; don't they always do a better job than the original?


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