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October 13, 2005

What's Bad?

White gangstas. Especially the ones cruzin' round in mom's Suburban with all the windows down and the music system that usually plays Vivaldi straining out the base on some lame-ass almost-poetry about how bad they are 'cuz they wuz brought up on the street, or how bad they got it bein' put down by th'man, or how much big ass they get, or how bad they gonna fuck up the next guy who don' respeck them.

Was there ever a more ridiculous sight?  Lacking any sense of natural introspection these morons buy CDs and watch music videos to tell them how to formulate their bravado, their sexuality, their fashion sense, their angst. If a mutant strain ever begged evolution to eliminate them out of sheer embarrassment and self-loathing, this is it.

The real problem here is not that they're in our gene pool, it's that they've peed in it.


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