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October 11, 2005

Really quite torn...

On the whole Harriet Miers supreme court appointment thing. 

On one hand there's no denying she's a suck-up crony with no applicable experience for being a judge (lessen you count that whole runnin' the Texas lottery - then she's golden.) 

On the other hand, well, the hard right conservatives don't like her at all. Always a positive.

On the other hand, given she's a Bush appointee she's bound to have a deal with Enron, Saudi Arabia, Satan, Halliburton, or somebody else who'll make her turn to the dark side eventually.

And anytime you can count a two-sided argument on three hands, you know there's something wrong there.

  What we have to ask ourselves is: Are the intellectually-challenged fanatic "right" coordinated and smart enough to pretend to dislike her to put the rest of the thinking nation at ease with her appointment.  And the answer to that is... nope.  

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