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October 8, 2005

PSP Brick...

This has got to be a first.  A PlayStation Portable virus, but probably not what you think.

The PSP has both a USB and wireless internet link built in. Hooks right up for downloads. Many users have made software hacks and even hardware mods to the system to make it do things Sony didn't intend. So Sony has sent out updates to their PSP hardware, part of their original design, which kill modifications to the user's system.  Sony, in the typical Sony Style, hates anything that lets you repurpose your Sony devices or content.

So here comes a file on download sites that claims to roll back the Sony restrictive software and re-enable your mods.

Except, that's a lie.

Instead the patch kills your PSP dead. Won't turn on any more.  Kills the EPROM and makes it into a $250 brick. And how happy to you think Sony is going to be about fixing this for you?  Well, they've already said that any "homebrew" code running on the PSP will void your warrantee.  Can you smell the replacement revenue scam?  Wonder who wrote that virus?

It's like we've said before, in our typical patriotic fervor.  Buy American.  Buy XBOX.


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