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October 7, 2005


Yes, we caught something on the road. That's our excuse. And we're pretty sure it wasn't the avian bird flu, because we're no where near that energetic. 

If anything sucks more than actually being sick on a Friday, looking forward to a big sick weekend and probably being well again just in time for Monday... we don't want to know about it.  But then again...

Of course we're no where as sick as someone who has to explain how Harriet Mier's experience running the Texas Lottery (oh man, is that a ripe one or what!) and never having been a judge makes her the prime candidate for the supreme court.  Hey W, what? Was your barber too busy to consider the post?

And we're much better off than a national traitor who's found himself called before the special prosecutor from the C.I.A. to explain again why he disclosed the identity of an intelligence operative's identity to the press. Fourth time before a federal grand jury on this one!  Oh man, Karl you know you got to spend some time in the prison infirmary.

Certainly we're much better off than any kid fathered by a crazy scientologist actor (triple threat there dad!) and his "when is she going to wake up and smell the coffee" girlfriend. Katie will be only slightly closer to Tom in age that she will be to his baby by the way.  Baby will join two prior children from his previous "perfect marriage" at the who's daddy now? kids table each holiday season.  Mission: Inevitable.

The big difference is that we'll probably be well on Monday.

  Side note: We see that according to a church spokeswoman, the Church of Scientology has no policy on children who are born out of wedlock.  Yeah, except for the fact that due to the associated confusion and disassociation they're so much easier to manipulate and brainwash than kids from normal families.  

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