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September 23, 2005

The WMDs Found US

Big fans of irony here, no secret there. Today's a bonus day for irony.

We go on and on about the Bush Admin's taking us to war to look for Weapons of Mass destruction, only to redefine that goal at will over the following (has it been) years of senseless loss and irreconcilable problems.  And at the same time we scoff as the "business friendly" roll-back of ecological protection marches on to the sound of Republican drooling.  Tax cuts for the rich, no new taxes, guess who's paying?  Yep, the same dumb red states who put him in office.  Like we said, 100% pure cyclic irony.

So when the sheer majestic terror of the hurricanes bearing down on the Texas and surrounding coasts, tearing into oil refineries close to the coffers of presidential friends and relatives, this is not at all lost on us.  Indeed, senseless suffering and loss of life among the innocents aside, the situation is to be savored in it's ironic bouquet.

These are the Weapons of Mass destruction you fools. This is the threat to American soil. These are the products of global warming, which every major nation other than the US recognizes as a world-wide threat.  This is the damn ocean you morons.  Did you raise it's temperature just a little bit?  Fuck, it's the biggest thing on the planet and man was able to affect it.  That isn't supposed to happen in a balanced ecosphere.  Those negligible few degrees increase in ocean temperature actually spawns bigger and badder killer storms. This is the product of ignorance and arrogance.

And oh how we laughed when someone suggested bombing the storm.  As if this force of god would take notice.  Or that the blast's resulting effect on the ocean, now apparently humanity's enemy instead of nurturing mother, would be an acceptable loss. Bombs seem our leader's first line of defense.  Don't bother with initiatives for electric cars and renewable energy - they don't put money in the oil baron's pockets after all - we'll just bomb the force of nature back to the stone age... 

Hey! Ah hem, er... heh.  Sorry, we'll try to compose ourselves now.  Caring and compassionate, let's continue.

Worried about the Bush family fortunes, about their friend's businesses?  Let us soothe you brow there.  They'll weather the storm.  You're addicted to their products, you'll pay whatever it takes to keep your motorized living rooms rolling down the road, and the oil company profits will keep rising in step.  It's just a new row of numbers on the gas station sign, that's all they need to do to keep themselves in the green. 

But don't be angry with Bush, he's just doing what comes naturally to his type.  He's not smart or introspective enough to do otherwise.  He'll just keep taking advantage of all you willing sheep, because you let him.  

And nobody talks about the weather, cuz you can't change it...

  Kinda random today... didn't do a editorial pass or rewrite, it just flowed.  Sure it could be clearer, crisper, maybe a little more biting.  But nah, we kinda like the view from this particular soapbox as it stands.  

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