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September 17, 2005

Raul on Saturday

Hello. Gardening was good yesterday.  Thank you for asking of me.  I will be doing some more of the repairing today.  It is a difficult thing to do while the Misters are here still breaking things. I do not think I ever get it all done.  When they are gone I try to get head of them.

Draining a pool takes a long time.  And then there is the carrying of all the automobile parts out. Then there is the sorting. Most are from last week and there is not much in rust. I am sure you all know about doing this too. 

Filling the pool it is important to make sure you watch that it does not fill to far. I was told not to make a disaster zone of the pool area again. I am not allowed to use the act of god excuse any more.

  Raul is posting for us while we're away.  Look at it this way, you can always go to cnn.com for news, but where else on the web can you get pure blathering idiocy?  

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