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September 16, 2005

Raul on Friday

Hello. I missed watching the the little president man on television last night so I do not have my planned thing to talk about. I did hear them say that they were opening the bars hurt by hurricanes again. It sounds like the right thing to do first.

The Misters left very early this morning.  Now I have to go to the store to buy replacements of Gin and Tequila. They have a funny idea of preparing for a trip on the road.

My chores today are also to fix holes in the walls near the sauna. These were made with the heavy ball for bowling. I was not there when they happened, but it was loud. I am getting very good with the patching and painting. Another thing I will need to do is to replant some of the front hedge area. The cars made tire tracks leaving.

And after that I will be walking the dogs.  I was told that was a joke, like making lunch from them? I do not see how but perhaps it is funny to you. Maybe I am getting good with the web writing too.

  Raul is posting for us while we're away.  Look at it this way, you can always go to cnn.com for news, but where else on the web can you get pure blathering idiocy?  

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