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September 13, 2005

Unless he's lying...

In initial questioning by the Senate yesterday John Roberts surprisingly came out as fairly moderate, at least for a Bush appointee, on the subject of abortion.  He actually said "It's settled as a precedent of the court, entitled to respect under principles of stare decisis."

Now, stop scratching your head.  Stare Decisis is just one of those Latin terms that lawyers use to make it sound like they're bringing tablets back down from the mountain instead of just digging around in your wallet. It means stand by a decision, typically a long-settled decision or precedent, that should be given extra-weight in discussion of cases. Things like  creationism has no business being taught in school, or that conservation of gasoline is important enough to restrict public consumption of huge gas guzzlers, or presidents who lie to the American people and cause thousands of deaths should be impeached.

This is pretty big stuff, as the administration seems full of anti-science, anti-logic,  parochial, puritanical, "it's my bible long as you don't actually makes me read it"  thumpers whose agenda has been to roll back any recent societal evolution.  Its kind of like Ashcroft admitting he's a tone-deaf asshole, Cheney admitting he's a heartless greedy goon, or Rice admitting that Bush doesn't care about people of color... lessen they gots oil.

Keep tuned on this one. You know he's working from a highly crafted script, so you want to watch for someone to toss in a question from left field.

And watch his eyes.


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