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September 9, 2005

Listen to yourselves...

We listened to talk radio for about an hour yesterday.  Rental car, you know - no jack for the iPod, no Sat Radio, no decent CDs. It's kind of amusing to listen to these blown up and frothy morons do their little dialogs on how unfair the world is to the Bush administration. They use the same damn keywords, latch on to the same small bits of twisted logic - as if through repetition it would make it all real and honest. It's disturbing, because these morons make the country feel comfortable with greed, hatred, lies, and racism. This polluted media is one of the real threats to education and advancement of our society today.  But we digress.

Talk radio is all about Katrina now, and defending the slow response to save lives. It's absurd the lengths these microphone-whores will go to to demonize the criticizers, even the victims themselves, to stop the "blame game" when the blame is on la Casa Blanca.

Of course, they ignore the silver lining here.  Attention to this administrative fuck-up will of course take some of the heat off the traitor Rove, the nomination of right wingers to the Supreme Court, Oil corporations immoral profiteering, DeLay's corrupt scandal of the week, Bush's irresponsibly long vacations, and that whole other pile of skeletons.  It's almost as if W said to Michael Brown "Hey horse boy! Fuck this one up real big for me.  We need a diversion."

And loss of lives?  Well, we all know how precious the lives of white taxpayers are to W...

  Man you've even got Colin Powell criticizing the response time from the Homeland Security clowns. Powell added some comments about how leading the country into the Iraq war with false reports of WMDs was the most disturbing blot on his career.  Props to you CP, takes a man to stand up and admit his misjudgements. Too bad W is still so deluded he thinks of it as a shining moment.  

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