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August 29, 2005

Almost got through 15 minutes...

Watching the MTV music awards. Snoop Dogg arrives in a yellow convertible and the brown noser with the mike asks him about what he been up to?  Apparently this was the time for Calvin to drop a promotion for his new Southern California youth football league. You know, the one that's killing off all the older established youth football leagues? 

But this is a  new football league to keep the kids off the drugs and give them a combination of pro sports flash mixed with dope rapper bling.  Ah, that will set them on the road to the straight and narrow.

Because that's what youth today needs.  Good achievable goals, like making a career in pro football. Or basketball. Because they hire maybe forty to fifty new players a year.  Hey, those are better odds than becoming a rap star.

Yeah, almost fifteen minutes of watching the MTV music awards.  Then we remembered why we're so tired of MTV.  We turned off the TV and turned on some music...


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