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August 28, 2005

Zotob Worm Authors Turned

Apparently two guys, a Moroccan and a Turk, were arrested for the recent Zotob worm exploit after Microsoft tracked the worm's trail back to it's origins.

Say that again. Who got the creeps here? Not the FBI, not the CIA.  Microsoft. Well, we know that the government agencies are all fucked up, so would it be such a bad thing if MS gained monopoly status in tracking down the bad guys too?  But we digress.

Apparently the worm's authors intended to use Zotob to steal money, but as MS counsel Brad Smith put it, "when you cause computers to shut down, you aren't going to be very successful (at stealing information from them)".

One real problem here is that apparently computer laws in Morocco and Turkey aren't very sophisticated, which may cause delays and other problems in prosecuting these scum. OK, let's make this real simple.  Let everyone in the over 100 companies who were affected by the virus kick them both in the nuts.  That's cathartic for the victims and pretty much in keeping with local custom as we understand it.


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