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August 26, 2005

Say Halo

You know you have to worry when something seriously great on it's own is heading to Hollywood. No, really - they can fuck up the most amazingly simple things. 

Now we're not all that worried about the DOOM movie. The Rock is perfectly fine there, providing he doesn't get to use any of his "catch phrases." Hey Demon, can you smell what the nameless marine is cooking?"  Anyway, DOOM isn't that cohesive a story line anyway, it's already more of a amusement park ride.

But Halo is special. Halo is near perfection. Halo already has a great story line. Halo has a mysterious hero whose face we never see, and never want to.  How could they mess that up?  We can think of a few ways...

The one ray of hope?  Bungie.  These guys have a take no prisoners attitude when it comes to protecting their stuff.  They've been part of Microsoft for years but maintain the same level of quality and dedication to their product that they've had since their rough beginnings.  Let Hollywood think about fucking with Halo.  They'll learn all about the beat-down award...


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