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August 22, 2005

Some Q&A for a Monday

Are you peeps from Minnesota? (That's right, I called you peeps.) ~Chinchilla_icecream

Yes... oh wait. No.

Why did you guys choose the name "evil?" You're obviously not bad people, you're just alcohol-abusing cynics who employ illegal aliens. Do you have a different definition of evil than the rest of us? Signed, Zero Point

Raul, into the cellar!  They're on to us!

Are you guys beautiful, or, you know, kind of weird-looking? Because I kind of prefer just to think of you as words. So don't post pictures! - Jimmothy Knack

We're closer to words. Trust us, we're nowhere near close to posting pictures.

Out of sheer curiosity, how many people are actually involved in the creation and continued existence of evil.com? -Nick Jones

We're not quite sure. And we can tell you that it bothers us that we don't actually know.  Gonna be worrying about that now. Thanks for spoiling our morning.

Idiocy may know no color...but it is certainly familiar with you. - Joshua Freeman

The color of idiocy is beige.  And there's so much of it.

Would it be possible to present an alcoholic feline as a presidentional canidate in the race of '08 and, if the choices were nill, would you vote for the cat?

We promised Hillary we weren't going to comment on that.

Is Evil.Com located in California? [Crazy Pete]

Occasionally. We also fancy Vegas.

How far do you expect the current Reich can go before its own supporters desert it? - Intrepid D.

It has supporters?  We assumed that was done with mirrors.

what is the problem with women, and how come they push you away when they need you the most? Sune - Cph, DK

It's a chick thing.

Ok now me and my buddy Alyssa were talking and we think that Aliens in another galaxy want to destroy the earth. But rather than using expensive weapons they chose to let our civilization collapse and everything get destroyed in a massive world war that just ends up being a massacre. So to begin their brilliant plan they used their connections to get Bush elected to office. So far their plan is working. Now we would like to know, do you think this story is plausible? If so how can we avoid the destruction? He's gonna be in for another three years.

We believe the collapse is actually centered around making illiteracy fashionable.  So read like your life depended on it!

Is it just me or does religion hold an entirely too powerful position for pretty much existing only as a moral metaphor-matt noble

Matt Noble for President.  It starts here folks.

If you had a short bus, a vial of oregonian ground squirrels, and some diethonal-meta-tulomide, what would you do?

Party like it's 1999.

Why do you put up with everyone and all their shit? (from the website..or just life in general) Grace

Please explain the alternatives. No, really, we're looking for alternatives here.

What is project L.I.K.E.S.? - Chris Canuck

It's kind of silly and self-absorbed.  We've got to get up a little more self confidence before we share.

What "posessed" you to start up EC? And why Evil? And may I have a few slices of bacon with that?

Sorry, out of bacon. 

- How can people in America Vote for Bush? To the rest of the world ( or just me) it seems as though the Emergency Laws he gets to decree because the Senate isn’t in or something( I don’t know about your Politics down In Australia we just follow your lead

Australia sounds like a possible alternative.

Yin or Yang? - AceGT09

Yang.  We're so fucking tired of Yin we can't stand it.

Ye who call yourselves evil.com, I request an answer for the question which I present to you today. If thy monkey ran America, would ye president be jealous of thy monkey's intelligence, or be impressed with thy monkey's "throwing doo doo" action?

What do you mean "If"?

What's the name of the thing that you pull to turn on the fan?


I was just wondering where you're situated... Thanks. -Andrew Crawford

Just a tad to the left.

I KNOW ITS TRUE! YOU ARE THE MATRIX are you not? (darkness imprisoning me, all that i see, absolute horror, i can not live, i can not die) *knock* *knock* evil :)~~~ from Hando753

Have a Creamsicle Hando.  You need to lighten up.

Is the United States in your opinion becoming more or less of a christian theocracy? If more what are the implications for its position in global affairs?

1) More.

2) Bigger and stronger adult beverages.


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