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August 4, 2005

Rotten in Cali

The Arnold is losing the Action Figure status, trading it in for political clown suit.

He ran on this great "outsider" platform that has all but evaporated.  He's another Regan, pure politician inside a candy Hollywood shell.  His "outsider" stance is used to portray stubbornness and power plays as "not playing politics" when it's one of the oldest forms of politics of all. 

This seems to be plan A of the Republican play book now: Do anything you want, no matter how dirty and underhanded, because you can redefine both it in a positive manner and your detractors in a negative one.  Since you've got the media mostly on your side (hah! the myth of the liberal media - we'd laugh if it wasn't so sad) you'll either be immediately successful or the confusion about terminology will become so frothy everyone will forget the issue it's referencing.  Works for W.

But Arnold is bolder than we gave him credit for.  Two items of note. 

First, what the fuck is the California governor doing fundraising on the East coast.  Well, he might be selling out the California economic power for future political payback, that does make some sense.  California is a world-class economic power on it's own, when governments aren't trying to dip in for more than their share. The idea that Cali's policies and practices might be affected by East coast interests should get Californian's riled up, but they're basically sheep like the rest of you.

The second item is just starting to come out.  Is the Governator using the National Guard as his own secret police force? Domestic spies, providing information gathering services on anti-war demonstrations?  Hmmm, who could that be paying back? There's this news about seven missing NG computers that might have had twenty e-mail messages on them about a recent San Jose Mercury article on the Mother's Day anti-war protest. There's the National Guard evoking "Executive Privilege" over not having to disclose the content of those mails. There's some rotten smells coming from Sacramento.

Small lesson kids: Executive privilege is typically only evoked by the agents of the government so that elected officials can keep secret any documents and information that would reveal details of lawmakers' decision-making process. It's a squishy thing, smelly at the start.  The fact that it is being raised by the National Guard just makes that all the more... well maybe they're Arnold's new version of the Republican Guard.

  Yeah, we kinda made up for our one number, one word post yesterday...  

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