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August 2, 2005

President Sneak...

John Bolton is the US representative to the United Nations. Despite the fact that he failed to get the Senate vote, despite the fact that he failed to get the seal of approval from the Republican-led Senate nomination committee, despite the fact that he lied during questioning by Senators, despite the fact that he's apparently got the temperament of a wet wolverine...this Dick Cheney protege who has dismissed the usefullnes of the UN was shoved into the office with a quiet ceremony.

W again abused an "emergency" Constitutional loophole, which allows him to appoint directly if Congress is unavailable (they're off on Summer break).  The emergency? Well, W wasn't getting his way, that's enough of an emergency in the current Bush Reich.

We do have to hope that like other Bush cronies, Bolton will get a Turd Blossom-like nickname.  Until there's something official, we're going with "Melty Face."

  "Why would someone want to work at an institution that he said doesn't exist?" - Sen. Boxer  

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