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July 29, 2005

No real news, a summary of where things stand:  

Last time, on evil.com...

W is still an arrogant, ignorant, fascist.  He still sucks and lies, badly.

Anyone investigating a video game "crime" should be thrown out of office for wasting taxpayers money.

Karl Rove is still a lying traitor.

Gas is going to hit $3 a gallon and SUV owners will continue to run their engines while parked to power the air conditioning and blame the tree huggers.

Rumsfield couldn't tell the truth if it was written on a cue card.

The European Community is just another gang of extortionists banning together to rewrite laws in their favor.

John Roberts may not be the anti-Christ, but he'll do for now.

Tom Cruise is still freaking us out.

Ken Mehlman's secret Omega House fraternity name was Rat.

  We're just tired of filling in all the details here...  

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