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July 27, 2005

Yes, once upon a time the system worked...

On this day in 1974 the House Judiciary Committee investigating Nixon and his "plumbers" crew's break-in to the Watergate Hotel voted 27-11 for impeachment of the corrupt president.  This was not some impeachment proceeding based on whether the president lied about getting blown, it was a president who lied about a crime, lied about holding strategy meetings with his top advisors on how to cover up a crime, and it was a crime committed to benefit his election.  A corrupt use of power and position, kinda reminds us of some current events.

Could it still happen in America? We can only dream. All the elements are there, if the sheep would only wake up...

  We do love that it has come to light that W's nickname for Rove is "Turd Blossom." Man that speaks volumes.   

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