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July 14, 2005

Bye Hillary...

Up front, we're not fans. But it's sad to see someone pretty intelligent, if a cold and scary bitch, crash and burn like this.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is calling for a federal investigation into Grand Theft Auto.

We're not going to get too far into the specifics here, you can guess that it has to do with sex (lord that woman hates sex) and violence and age appropriateness. That's complicated by after-market add-ons that increase the amount of sex simulation, and whether Rockstar is responsible for keeping them from doing that.  (Frankly, we suspect it has to do with someone's husband spending a little too much time in cyber world.)

No, what's going to burn H here is that she's going after virtual crime when there's so much actual crime out there. It doesn't matter what she's trying to do here, its the fact that she's taking on a video game. If she ever gets into another political race with even a vaguely competent opponent, they're going to use this to make her look addled.

In my home state of Texas, I was personally responsible for successfully prosecuting 67% of gang banger cases off to jail. And how many thugs and crooks did you take out in San Andreas Ms Clinton? And was that with or without cheat codes?


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