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July 13, 2005

Sith Apprentice...

The Emperor apparently has more than one apprentice. Bush Family toady and trickster Karl Rove has an apprentice himself by the name of Ken Mehlman. Mehlman was W's re-election campaign manager, and is currently plotting the distraction of the American populace so that Rove can escape serving time in prison for treason.

The strategy? Personal attacks on those calling for a strong investigation of Rove. Wait it out until Bush can nominate Supreme Court candidates so absolutely heinous that the left needs to spend all it's time and energy making sure our children aren't eventually issued brown shirts at school. Killer strategy dude.

What's truly disturbing about this strategy is that it is so open. The idea that the American people can see this coming, be told it in so many words,  and not rise up carrying torches towards 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue says volumes.

Are we truly a nation afflicted with some kind of gestalt Alzheimer's? Are we continually calling the president George because in our addled state we think he's our father, or maybe Washington? It does seem so. How long will it be before W can get out of shit simply by pointing to the the left and shouting "Look over there!"

Of course it's more complex than that.  The retard nation has long moved from thinking and evaluating political right and wrong and adopted more of a "Baseball Fan," or BF, mentality.  When it comes to issues the BFs who voted for W want to believe his bullshit.  It means the BF team is still winning. The losers, well that team is just there to make the BF team look good. There's no evaluation of right or wrong, it's just some kind of fucked-up pennant race.

Back to Darth Mehlman, he's already into the whole lexicological control and redefinition that earmarks the current Reich. Last month we got a schooling on what "last throes" meant.  Now, we're into leaks. 

"A leak is when you ask a reporter to write a story.  He (Rove) was discouraging a reporter from writing a false story." Kenny explained to some jerk reporter in Iowa.  Hmmm.  Funny, we thought a leak was simply disclosing some information to an outsider who otherwise wouldn't have official access. How nice to have a stronger and more focused definition.

And writing a false story!  Wow, we know the "fair and balanced" Bush administration wouldn't want that to happen!

Where's our torch?


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