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July 12, 2005

White House Terrorist...

In 2003 the White House promised/threatened to fire any source of  leaks from it's administration.  This edict appeared after some leaks  politically embarrassing for the Bush empire got out. However, when Karl Rove leaked the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame the Bushies developed political blind spots.  The outing by Rove was an act of retribution against the agent's husband, a diplomat critical of the war. Rove, long time dirty trickster in the Nixon tradition, put the diplomat's life in jeopardy by exposing her identity.  All's in a day's work for the current administration where criticism equals treason and retribution is a necessary act to keep the whistle blowers in check.

The heinous method used, the exposure creating a direct threat to an opponent's personal peace and safety, makes Rove a terrorist by definition.  Pure and simple, the deputy chief of staff in charge of US policy is a terrorist.

But are we surprised?  Oh, of course not.  This Rove guy has been scum for years. Will the White House be good to their promise?  Of course not. The leak came from the White House, but wasn't damaging to the "National Interests" (read Bush Administration.)

Hell, we'll go on record now saying we expect the Bush administration will issue a clarification to that effect any day now. And he'll do that with that drunken half-grin and burp-laugh he uses to dismiss rational requests from the press as stupidity.


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