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June 29, 2005

The 9 Commandments

Tablets of sacred rules from the almighty or fancy lawn ornament? Apparently that's the critical question for the statue of the 10 commandments residing outside the courthouse in Texas' Gibson County. The Supremes ruled that the laws Moses brought down from the mountain made a fine decorative statement, providing they were outside with the garden gnomes and cement deer.

But what we have to note again is that 'readin ain't too pop-u-lar' in Bush country. It's obvious that even 10 short statements are too much for the products of the lamentable Texas school system to absorb without a bookmark.  By their behavior, most Texan's rampant love of "the ten" peters out after the readin' of the first five.  The sixth,  thou shalt not kill, is treated more as a happy little suggestion than a command from a righteous diety.

Texas as a state has killed almost 90 people in the last three years, nearly 350 since 1977. The highest death penalty statistics in the nation, and for any democratic government. Of course the bible belt has always had this proud statistic, check the records. It helps Texas stay on top to have gone after the retarded too, executing them with the lusty zeal of Kali herself!  Oops, strike that last bit. Let's just say that when mentally handicapped offenders are concerned, Texans are terribly enthusiastic about making sure that sub-standard thinking is taught, not due to defect.

But we're sure God is fine with that. We have it on good authority that God regularly blesses Texas.


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