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June 28, 2005

Celebrity Weight

You've got to admit, when a celeb decides to throw their weight behind a cause it's usually a win-win situation. Win for the cause of course because it escalates the publicity.  Win for the celeb because it makes them a caring and thoughtful person. Usually.

Other times, it's just a bit goofy.

Like this whole "cleanliness in nail salons" thing that Paula Being a professional dancer, I'm no stranger to pain Abdul is championing. The well-coiffed plaintiffs have long glam fingernails, a long-time symbol of the upper class who don't have to do manual labor (or type for that matter) dating back to the Mandarins of ancient China and more recently reality-show television. The accused; typically immigrants who are just trying to get a foothold in American business; they choose a low-cost-of-entry profession, like nail salon or happy-ending massage. Usually they can't tell a tinea infection from a ulcerative one, not for want of trying!  It's just not part of their upbringing like it is for the rest of us. Kids, don't hate them just because they're not as smart as you!

OK, so all that aside there's no argument it's a bad thing that so many of these shops are fungal infections waiting to happen. Yeah there should be standards, OK fine. Do we really need celebrity endorsement here?  Oh, she got a thumb burn? Well that makes it all better. Let's all light a candle.

Oh and Paula?  Still waiting on that video of you and Corey.  Nope, the nail stuff hasn't made us forget. Oh! Now we get it...


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